“And it’s just one meat” – Speed Darlington rants after buying a plate of food for N10K

Controversial singer, Speed Darlington laments as he recounts how he was charged a whooping N10K for a plate of food amid the ongoing hardship. He lamented that the plate of food, despite the N10K that was charged, contained just one piece of meat....READ FULL ARTICLE

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jumpman_alpacino said: “Akpi go just dey hin small world deyc raze alone”

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domingo_loso said: “Speedy, Odumeje and Portable. You can never be bored watching them rant”

ujuminna_ said: “This guy is effortlessly funny”

itsmyhill_ commented: “No be me call am special, na the restaurant put special ogbono”

_ugly_barbie said: “No be me call am special na the restaurant”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “The way he shouted ten tauuuusanndd naira… e toush speedy true true”

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lunnagram_ said: “You no give us when you chop am no dry shout for our head Abeg”…READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below:

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