I Was Forced To See My Mother’s Nakedness Because No One Came To Help Her When She Was Sick And… – Lady Narrates

A lady identified as Kemi, who is also a gospel artist, has narrated the painful journey she went through alone when her mom was sick. She was forced to clean her mother’s wound on her stomach because no one came to help her...READ FULL ARTICLE

Kemi was the only child her mother had before her dad died after falling sick. She was born and raised in a town. After the death of her father, life really changed for the worse because people deserted them.

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After a year of losing her dad, her mom fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. Life became tough for her because they didn’t have money for her mother to go for chemotherapy. She had developed a wound on her stomach which never used to heal. No one was there to help her mother; she was the one to clean and dress her mother’s wound. Her aunts would visit, but after seeing the condition of her mom, they couldn’t stay for long.

Her mother’s health deteriorated; she was not able to go to the toilet. Kemi was forced to change her mom and even shower her when she was in class eight. Later on, her granddad came and took her to the hospital, but after a week, she passed on.

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The news broke her heart; she stayed with one of her aunts, but life was not easy while there because she used to mistreat her. After she completed her secondary education, she moved out and stayed with her friends.

She needed love but fell into the wrong hands of a boyfriend who impregnated her and disappeared. She gave birth to her firstborn child. No family member takes care of her; she stated that they have even tried to sell her mom’s property that she was left.

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She said she is now on her own and has no family members except her child. She has advised family members not to desert or mistreat orphans because they are their blood….READ FULL ARTICLE

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