FG Social Intervention: Youth Bureau, CSOs lauds Sanwo-Olu’s bold initiatives, advocates strategy for seamless distribution of palliatives

A group of Civil Society Organizations have commended Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s prompt and far-reaching intervention models targeted at ameliorating the economic hardships faced by Lagosians, describing it as a palpable humanistic gesture....READ FULL ARTICLE

In a statement co-signed by Comrade Razaq Olokoba the Convener of Campaign For Dignity in Government, Mr. Saheed Adegboyega Publicity Secretary of The Youth Bureau and the Welfare Secretary Mr. Tokunbo Allison, the group cited the bold steps taken by Governor Sanwo-Olu to address the pains experienced by the masses as an audacious initiative that worth being emulated.

The group maintained that: “The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu in his usual characteristic manner in rapid response to peculiar challenges has announced an audacious initiative to alleviate the attendant economic challenges of Lagosians.

“These include: three working days per week for the State public service workers; provision of hundred trailers of rice for 300,000 households; subsidy on some drugs; 25% transport rebate and, re-introduction of Sunday Market for subsidized goods at selected places.

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“We unequivocally applaud this palpably humanistic gesture of Governor Sanwo-Olu. It eloquently shows that beyond the steel-like allurements of public office, the Governor is endowed with purple heart, sensitive enough to the plights of citizens to take actions for the alleviation of their social existence.

“We know the Governor will never blink his gaze in ensuring that these social intervention initiatives will really get to the intended and desired beneficiaries – the socially alienated, marginalized, poor masses of Lagos State.

“We are not unmindful of the shenanigans of powerful cabals who may scheme to corner these interventions for personal aggrandizements.”

The group however, counseled Sanwo-Olu to leverage on existing networks and frames of social structure to ensure seamless disbursement of the life saving and succour giving relief gets to the intended individuals.

“This is an expression of gestures by the Governor to ensure these social reliefs and interventions are enjoyed by all irrespective of creed, religion, tribes, social status or partisan affiliations. Vulnerable members of the society, infants ( for drugs), aged, physically challenged, unemployed, and women will be given premium priorities.

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“We urge the Governor to sustain his usual veritable network to reach the civic trenches stakeholders in these processes. Community Development Associations and Faith-Based Bodies such that the Rice palliatives will percolate down to disadvantaged households in our neighborhoods and communities.

“The state work force are vital to maximizing the 3-Days working schedules of public servants; Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations are essential elements to prevent life-saving drugs from reaching shelves of commercial drug chemists.

“Transporters’ Unions and Informal Sector Workers are important for the Transportation Rebate schemes, just as Traders Associations and Civil Society Organizations are the watchdogs for the Subsidized Goods Special Markets.

According to the statement, the stagflation now being experienced nationwide stems from many years of unchecked corrupt tendencies of people holding on to the reins of power in time past making the Federal Government’s social-economic reforms clearly inevitable.

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“We are apt to observe that the socio-economic reforms of the Federal Government are inevitable if we must come out of economic duodenum and social quagmire.

“It is fostered on us by entrenched, unbridled corruption in governance, insensitive, maladministration of past governments, policy summersaults, profligate wastages and, global economic meltdown crisis.

“However, we are confident that all Nigerians embrace altruistic patriotism to pay the price with sacrifices, there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, history of mankind taught us the validity of the maxim, ” No Pain, No Gains”.

“We must all remain eternally vigilant as many ” Economic Saboteurs” are on the prowl like Vultures to feed on these social, palliative interventions. For instance, Government must wield sledge hammers against merchandize and currency speculators if we must stem the tides of stagflation….READ FULL ARTICLE

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