Abaribe “When DSS arrested me I asked them how they knew where I was &they said we tracked your phone”

Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe, a former deputy governor of Abia State, related a memory of an earlier occurrence....READ FULL ARTICLE

Abaribe described being detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) prior to the implementation of the National Identity Number (NIN) in an interview that Channels TV posted on Facebook. Abaribe said that when he questioned the DSS during the interrogation about how they found him, they told him that they used his cell phone to trace him. He emphasized how there were no NINs or BVNs back then and how, today, every phone has a NIN and every bank account is connected to a BVN.

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In Abaribe’s words: “When DSS arrested me in front of a barber’s shop in Abuja, one of the DSS directors was interrogating me and I was bantering with him, and I asked him how they knew where I was because I was driving myself in a small car; he said, we just used your phone to track you. There was no NIN then, now every phone has a NIN; there was no BVN”….READ FULL ARTICLE

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