JUST IN: We’re Not As Useless As You Are Treating Us, Tinubu Support Groups Tells Presidency

Supporters group under the auspices of BAT Pioneer 2023 Agenda has said that after President Bola Tinubu had made over 70 percent appointment into his cabinet without picking any of its members, it appears there is no hope for the group.….CONTINUE READING

This was even as the group accused the presidency and concerned quarters of shielding its members from visiting President Tinubu.

The group expressed worry and disappointment over non appointment of any of its members into ministries, departments and agencies, saying it was the handwork of those giving advice to President Tinubu on who to appoint or not to be appointed.

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A statement on Friday by the national coordinator of the group, Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje said it was painful that those who did not work for the victory of Tinubu during the presidential election are the ones benefiting from the appointment.

“It is very unfortunate that those in charge of appointments are hiding everything from President Tinubu without letting him know that none of the support groups have been considered for appointment.

“But as I said earlier, 70 percent of those who worked for Tinubu’s success are children of nobody that also like to become somebody without knowing anybody.

“We want to know the criteria they considered in the making of 70 percent of the appointments so far such that none of the support groups did not have any of the appointment. We need to know where those people are coming from. Who are their sponsors?

Some of us have crippled all our businesses even as at the time some of you have not started anything”.

“We feel obliged to use this medium to set the records straight and put things in their proper perspectives irrespective of whose ox is gored.

“If we can boldly tell the entire world the truth that Tinubu is the best for the Job, then what stops us in telling those concerned, especially the Chief of Staff and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation that what they have been doing is wrong on the appointments processes.

“We the support groups are not as useless as they are treating us. We could not struggle to cook and then you hold our hands for the children of those who are privileged to know people at the top or those have money to be eating with relish.

“Some of us have served this nation representing this great country in ECOWAS and in United nation severally.

We are not bragging. When it comes to Tinubu support groups, we are not babies. We led other groups in Nigeria and diaspora.

“When you ask for the earliest groups that started mobilising for Tinubu, our group is number one on the list. When you browse for Tinubu recognised new Marshals or Tinubu new foot soldiers as far back as 2019, our groups are there.

“To round it up, when you browse the list of those who helped Tinubu defeat the cabals, our name came number seven on the list.

“Some of us have worked and risked everything including our lives and livelihoods for Tinubu’s success. At the end no one called and gathered us for an address or a meeting to address us as support groups.

“No one even called us as PCC members for appreciation whatsoever. All of a sudden, we just heard that the PCC have been dissolved as if like a fiat. Nothing was heard since then. just like that.

“However, our love for Tinubu is unwavering. After all he did not send us to work for him. Our resolve to struggle for the best for this nation is our propelling force and we don’t regret working for Tinubu”….CONTINUE READING