JUST IN: “Owerri to Lagos N406k”: Nigerian Man Cries out over New Flight Ticket Price, Shares the Figure

As the naira continues to crash to its lowest at the unofficial and official markets, this seems to have affected airline fares
A married Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament over the high cost of travelling by air from Owerri to Lagos
He shared the ticket prices he got for two people using economy class and got many people talking.…CONTINUE READING

The continued crash of the naira has seen the cost of transportation by air shoot up.

A Facebook user, Hon Roberto Chibueze, shared the whopping price he got for two economy class seats for a flight from Owerri to Lagos.

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Roberto lamented over the amount, saying ‘The country is done finally.’ According to him, he was more than shocked at the figure and urged those doubting him to check themselves. He wrote:

” The country is done finally, Owerri to Lagos N406k.

“I am more than shocked.

“Make una no de talk nonsense, this ticket is for just two people 200k each for economy, your tel me it’s a lie, check Dana or Airpeace for Jan.”

Some people doubted him

Responding to comments that his figure was not accurate, the man said:

“Why do people doubt nothing that is very clear, I am showing you a price directly from the airline website and you say it’s a lie.”

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, currency traders informed Legit.ng that the naira plunged to N1,175 per dollar in the black market.
Hon Roberto Chibueze’s post stirred reactions

Ada Chukwuhurunanya Umaiza said:

“This is true from December first Dana is 200k,from Owerri to Abuja yesterday I was charged 110,200 naira so make your findings before you start doubting him.”

Unadike Nzubechukwu said:

“Okay it’s for you and your wife and kids nah. Na wetin I wan understand. Dem calculate the money together.”

Chinecherem Obi said:

“Omo everything is high now like mad… naira is rubbish the exchange rate here is killing us ooh omo.”

Oga Dato said:

“But I checked yesterday is 103k, Is this private jet or witch and wizard airline?”

Azubuike Chukwuebuka Victor said:

“I sold pounds to someone on 1420/£ only to see that it added just two seconds ago to 1455. Huge loss of 210k.”

Chima Odoemena said:

“I don’t know where u get ur own information Owerri to Lagos December seats selling now economy class NGN110,000, business class NGN170,000.”

Kisqo D-Packsy said:

“This must be a business class but however, the count$y is finished. Na why I just jejely go enjoy holiday for Rwanda with peace of mind instead of Nigeria. I no like problem biko.”

Lady finds cheap interstate flight in Lagos

Meanwhile, GISTNUB previously reported that a lady had found a cheap interstate flight in Lagos state

In her video, she stated that she paid just N10k, a fee which would have been N6,500 if she had arrived earlier.

According to Delesafa, the airline, Green Africa, charges as little as N6,500 for a flight from Lagos to Ibadan.

Delesafa said she visited their handle on Instagram and clicked on a link to buy tickets for her flight. Many were surprised at the affordability of the flight, considering the distance between the two cities….CONTINUE READING