“Give me your body, s0ul, spirit and your unconditional love” Cross Okonkwo proposes love to Kim Oprah as he gives her a h£ad (Video)

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Cross Okonkwo had proposed love to his fellow housemate, Kim Oprah.
He did this during their discussion last night.

Cross Okonkwo told Kim Oprah that he will give her his all, if she gives him “everything’….CONTINUE READING
When Kim said she has nothing, the reality specifically told her to give him her body, soul, spirit, support and unconditional love.
Their conversation suggested that Cross gave her a head.

Cross: If you are to give me everything thatyou have I will give you everything that Ihave and I don’t think I will go out lookingfor anything else
Kim oprah: What do I have, I don’t haveanything
Cross: Yes I know
Cross: Give me your body, give your soul,give me your spirit, give me your supportand unconditional love

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Cross: There is nothing you can tell meotherwise coz the …. happened in theroom. I have seen everything I have gonedown. I have thought through so I knowyou definitely enjoyed it
Cross: But that is going to be the last timeit will ever happen again ryt?
Watch below;