BREAKING: Weeds, Dirt Takes Over Osogbo Roads

WEEDS and dirt have taken over some major roads in Osogbo, capital of Osun State.

The development, OSUN DEFENDER gathered, was a result of the absence of social workers on the road as residents now turned the road into a dumping ground….CONTINUE READING

It would be recalled that the state government on February 16, 2023, cancelled the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) whose beneficiaries included the social workers, replacing it with Imole Youth Corps which has not commenced since then.

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OSUN DEFENDER noted that Osun Waste Management Agency personnel were not packing the waste as regular and early as before.

Some of the roads where weeds have taken over are, Powerline, Ota Efun, Stadium, Obelawo, Old Garage, Biket and Kobongbogboe.

The medium visited the areas on Thursday and it was noted that both side of the roads and the median were bushy.

A heap of refuse was observed on the median of Ota Efun and Igbona roads, while some of the dirt had already littered the road.

Speaking with the medium, Basiru Oladimeji, a resident of Ota-Efun, called on the state Ministry of Environment to find a solution to the overbearing weeds.

Oladimeji said apart from posing danger to residents of the state, it makes the state look dirty, especially to travelers.

“I don’t know what the people at the Ministry of Environmental are doing. This is embarrassing. If you are going from Stadium to Dagbolu, there is no place that is not occupied by weeds.

“Also, the roads are very dirty now because the OYES people who normally sweep and cut the grasses have been sacked without replacing them.

“I want to urge the state government to look into this and find a means to clear all the weeds and also engage people who will be cleaning the roads like before”.

For Mrs Yetunde Omolere, residents of the state should also take responsibility and stop dumping refuse by the roadside.

Omolere, a trader around Biket Area, told the medium that government alone cannot do everything for the citizens, adding that dumping refuse by the roadside should be prohibited.

She however called on the state government to see to the clearing of the weeds that have taken over the state roads.

Omolere said: “I’m not an advocate of government doing everything for the citizens. We should also know what is wrong and right. How much are the private waste collectors collecting monthly that we can’t contract them individually?

“It is very wrong for we people to be dumping refuse by the roadside and those culpable of these are majorly market women.

“In as much as I will urge the state government to find a way to clear the weeds that occupied our roads, I will also appeal to them to prohibit dumping of refuse by the roadside. Anyone cut should be punished.”

Reacting to the delay in packing the waste on the major roads, the General Manager, Osun Waste Management Agency, Mr. Oyewole Oladosu, said the security situation of the country is responsible for the development.

Oladosu in an interview with OSUN DEFENDER said personnel of the agency could no longer start work by 5am as they used to do due to the insecurity in the country.

He disclosed that there has been a drastic increase in the number of areas being covered by the agency, a development that could lead to delay in packing the waste.

The GM however called on the residents to partner with waste contractors, maintaining that dumping refuse by the roadside is illegal.

He said: “We all know the security situation of the country and no government is ready to risk the lives of the people. Our personnel usually start work around 5am before, but now, we have to let the day break properly before they move out.

“Also, the number of areas we are covering has increased. What is important is that we are packing it every day. I want our people to know that dumping refuse by the roadside is illegal.

“I want to urge our people to partner with private waste operators as this will help us a lot. Community leaders should encourage the use of waste bins in their areas and partner with the waste contractors.

Speaking on the waste dirtying the roads, Oladosu said scavengers looking for metals were the ones littering the roads with refuse, stating that relevant ministries were already on the matter.

“I want you to know that animals are not the ones littering the road with refuse. Mostly scavengers looking for irons are the ones who scatter the refuse and litter the road”, he stated…CONTINUE READING