BREAKING: PEPT judgement: A call for resistance

ON Wednesday, September 6, 2023, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal [PEPT] delivered its judgment on the controversial and disputed February 25, 2023 presidential election. Though shocking, the judgment was not unexpected….CONTINUE READING

2. A few foreign countries which leaders are adept at perpetrating evil and exploiting lackey-countries such as Nigeria had hinted that the challenge of the declaration of Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Nigeria’s ‘Independent’ National Electoral Commission [INEC] as president would come to nought.

3. In similar manner some capitalist megaphones which are handmaidens of their Western home governments said none of the grounds in the petitions that Mr. Peter Obi [Labour Party] and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar [Peoples Democratic Party] will succeed. The Economist Intelligence Unit [EIU], an arm of London’s Economist newspaper, was in the fore front of ‘predicting’ the outcome of a case in a Nigerian superior court.

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4. On the eve of the PEPT judgment, a retired justice of the Supreme Court, in an apparent Freudian Slip correctly second guessed her former colleagues on the Bench.

5. Her effusive and very public and grotesque praise of the attorneys to the principal respondents in the presidential election result litigation was embarrassing and shameful.

6. On the judgment itself members of the Panel were pathetic and so struggled to read the judgments that were thought that they wrote by their own hands.

7. It is our considered assertion that the counsel to the Respondents merely put in appearances so as to confer legitimacy on the justices to effectively assume the role of defence attorneys.

8. We state categorically that no set of justices would have done a better job than the PEPT panelists. It was indeed a performance.

9. We acknowledge that there has been a judgment but we hasten to add that there was no scintilla of justice.

10. What happened on September 6, a DARK WEDNESDAY in the annals of Nigeria, was a confirmation, if any was needed, that EVIL FORCES from across sectors have taken Nigeria and Nigerians hostage. It is a vicious STATE CAPTURE, the type that has not been witnessed in the country’s nearly 64 years since independence.

11. However, the deliberately provocative judgment also serves a good purpose – A wake up call.

12. Nothing good or gracious will be served by attempting to speak to the highlights of the judgment.

13. How do you explain that the so-called justices were the ones struggling to make excuses for a candidate who willfully offered himself for double nomination to two different offices in two distinct constituencies in the same election day.

14. Our justices ruled that the action of a crooked person was not intentional. So henceforth, if you are caught for stealing or impersonation, just plead that it was not intentional. And cite the PEPT judgment.

15. There was no evidence in the course of the trial that the culprit-candidate pleaded that his double nomination was done in error. Indeed, he denied the charge.

16. The aphorism that ignorance is not an excuse before the law meant nothing to our law lords.

17. Furthermore, the standard that a court does not award what a party to a dispute has not asked for slipped from the memories of the PEPT justices. They suddenly became what their callings frowned at- Father Christmas.

18. In addition, working from the Bench the justices have created Nigeria’s 37th state without input from the people and the National Assembly.


A. The PEPT judgment is an overthrow of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

B. There is an URGENT need for Nigerians to stop the descent to a state of lawlessness.

C. There is no better time than now for long-suffering Nigerians to take back their country.

D. The DARK FORCES are not playing by the rules and it will be foolhardy to let them be.

E. There are two options before Nigerians: play by the rules set by the oppressors and get crushed or play by rules created by the majority of Nigerians and overwhelm the evil forces.

F. Nigerians should be at the barricades. The Supreme Court is part of the rotten Nigerian judiciary. To invest hope in them will be an invitation to further heartbreak.

G. It is never too late to retrieve Nigeria from their vice grip.

H. Credible Peoples Voice will therefore work closely with the Big Tent for the good of Nigeria….CONTINUE READING