BREAKING PEPT Ruling: Opposition lawyers ask Appeal Court to release Certified True Copies

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the Labour Party, have said that they yet to obtain the Certified True Copies of the tribunal verdict 24 hours after the judgment was delivered.

Although Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi’s legal teams were at the Court of Appeal for the certified document on Thursday, they had yet to obtain it….CONTINUE READING

Atiku’s counsel, Chris Uche, SAN, said, “Not yet. Our lawyers have been there since morning. The law allows us 21 days from yesterday. We are hoping to get the judgment today (Thursday), so we don’t lose days. They say there are some corrections being made.”

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The National Legal Adviser of the LP, Kehinde Edun, disclosed that they have 21 days to file an appeal at the Supreme Court.

He said, “Our legal team is on it already. They have started the work. We don’t have forever. Since this is a final judgment, I think we still have up to 21 days from the day the judgment was given.

“We don’t have to exhaust the time we have. We want to make it as fast as possible. So we will not necessarily exhaust the time we have. We will definitely make it before then.”

When asked what the grounds of appeal are, Edun stated that the party’s legal team is still working on them.

“We have not come up with it. We are still them. But I know the rejection of 10 of our 13 witnesses will be part of it. Our team is already at work. As an opposition, we have a mountain to climb, especially in this our clime. Many things will be against you.

‘’But the obstacles are not insurmountable. It takes a lot of courage, effort and resilience to change the status quo. It is not always easy but we will get there,” he stated.

The LP chieftain also applauded the PDP for also deciding to pursue their case to the Supreme Court.

Edun stated that fighting for the cause of justice instead of chickening out is a better approach to deepening the nation’s democracy.

He said, “It is encouraging that the PDP too has not given up. The only way to make democracy better is to continue to challenge the status quo and fight injustice. It is not to cower or chicken out. The fact that those two want to go and appeal is better for our democracy….CONTINUE READING