Murtala Ajaka’s Ambitious Plan to Empower Women, Transform Kogi State’s Economy

In a groundbreaking move that could reshape Kogi State’s economic landscape, Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Governorship candidate, has unveiled a visionary plan with a significant focus on empowering women. Ajaka’s proposal has the potential to not only boost the state’s economy but also bring about positive changes for women across the region.

Women’s Empowerment as a Key Driver of Economic Development: Women’s empowerment has become a global priority, with various organizations, including the World Bank, actively working to address the challenges and promote gender equality. The World Bank has recognized the critical importance of women’s empowerment as a key driver of economic development and social progress….CONTINUE READING

Ajaka’s Plan to Empower Women: Ajaka’s plan revolves around providing financial assistance to 30,000 women within Kogi State, with each beneficiary receiving a substantial ₦500,000. This initiative will be rolled out across all 21 Local Government Areas, ensuring that at least over 1,000 women in each locality benefit from this program.

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Economic Implications of Ajaka’s Plan: Ajaka’s plan has the potential to have a transformative impact on the economy of Kogi State. Here are some of the key economic implications of the plan:

Economic boost through capital injection for women: The injection of funds into women-owned businesses will invigorate economic activity, primarily at the grassroots level. This is likely to lead to increased investment, job creation, and poverty reduction.

Regional equality through localized impact: The plan’s comprehensive coverage across all Local Government Areas will ensure that the economic benefits are equitably distributed throughout the state. This will help to address regional disparities and promote more balanced and inclusive economic development.

Fostering entrepreneurship and employment: Empowered women are more likely to start their businesses or invest in existing ones. This entrepreneurial drive has the potential to generate employment opportunities and contribute significantly to the reduction of unemployment rates.

Boosting productivity: The injection of financial resources into businesses led by women is likely to enhance productivity, ultimately leading to increased output and fostering economic growth.

Eradicating poverty: Ajaka’s plan has the potential to substantially reduce poverty by empowering women with the essential resources required to enhance their quality of life. This will lead to increased spending on education, healthcare, and other essential goods and services, which will further boost the economy.

Gender equality and development: Beyond its economic aspects, Ajaka’s plan is a significant step toward achieving gender equality. Empowered women are more likely to invest in education, healthcare, and community development, thereby fostering social development.

Political Appeal of Ajaka’s Plan: Ajaka’s commitment to women’s empowerment aligns with a broader political agenda aimed at addressing gender disparities. This initiative is expected to resonate with a significant portion of the electorate, potentially strengthening his political support.


Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka’s proposal to empower women in Kogi State through substantial financial support carries profound economic implications. It has the potential to catalyze economic growth, generate employment opportunities, alleviate poverty, and advance gender equality. If implemented effectively, this strategy could serve as a compelling platform for his gubernatorial bid, offering a promising path to rejuvenate Kogi State’s economic landscape…CONTINUE READING

– M. Ahmad writes from Abuja.