Stop comparing Ghanaian and Nigerian artists – Anne-Sophie Ave

In a recent interview with the media, the former French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Ave, expressed her disagreement with the comparisons made by fans of Ghanaian and Nigerian artists.

She urged Ghanaian music enthusiasts to adopt a more objective perspective and recognize Nigeria’s role in shaping the African music landscape through afrobeats….CONTINUE READING

“The comparison doesn’t make sense, yes, it is afrobeats, but let’s look at it like Nigeria is paving the way, is opening the doors for the entire Africa continent,” Ave stated.

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She emphasized the significance of Nigeria’s large population, with approximately 250 million citizens, contributing to their musical success.

According to her, when the music is exceptional, the numbers become secondary, facilitating broader reach and financial success.

The French diplomat also underscored the importance of Ghanaian artists focusing on global promotion.

She explained that effective promotion should extend beyond Ghana and utilize diaspora communities worldwide as entry points into other countries.

In her words, “It’s about promotion and being prominently featured in the media, not just within Ghana. Leveraging diaspora communities worldwide is great, but artists should aim to conquer the entire world….CONTINUE READING