JUST-IN: GRV response saying As Former INEC REC Discloses 25% In FCT Is Compulsory For A Candidate To Be Declared President

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, a candidate for governor from the Labour party, responded to remarks made by Mike Igini, a former INEC commissioner, who said that a presidential contender must receive 25% of the vote in the FCT in order to be considered victorious….CONTINUE READING

Igini said so in an interview with Arise TV. Social media users have responded to his remarks.

According to INEC data, Labour party presidential candidate Peter Obi was the only one to achieve the 25% threshold in the FCT during the February 25 election.

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Responding to Igini’s statement, Rhodes Vivour said the 25% FCT requirement is outrageous.

The reaction by Rhodes Vivour comes amid ongoing controversy over the 25% rule.

Some argue it is undemocratic and inconsistent with Nigeria’s constitution and electoral laws. Others say it is a reasonable requirement to ensure the president has broad national appeal.

The debate underscores tensions as Obi’s strong showing has challenged the dominance of the APC and PDP.

With the next election likely to be hotly contested, legal ambiguities and inconsistencies will continue to fuel disputes.

Clear electoral laws and consistent application of the rules will be critical to ensuring Nigeria’s democracy matures….CONTINUE READING