First Electric Vehicle Experience Centre Opens In Nigeria

A firm, Possible EVS, has launched Africa’s first multi-brand Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) to bridge the knowledge gap and drive widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles(EVs) in the country.

A statement from the firm explained that the company would showcase leading electric vehicle brands like Tesla, BMW, among others….CONTINUE READING

This, according to the statement, would give visitors the unique opportunity to explore, learn about, and test-drive the newest models from renowned brands, gaining firsthand experience of the exceptional performance, cutting-edge technology, and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

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“The centre will also serve as a platform for government agencies, development partners, stakeholders, and investors in the automotive sector to come together and engage in meaningful conversations to drive policies that will facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs in the country.

“For visitors interested in electric vehicles, EVEC will be the place to compare the driving range, battery capacity, charging time, price, and features to find the perfect EV for them.

“And when they have decided, they will be passed on to the right retailers. This initiative aligns well with the Federal Government’s National Automotive Design and Development Council(NADDC) plan to make 30% of its cars electric by 2025.

The experience centre, EVEC is a division of Possible EVS, the Nigerian automotive startup, leading the nation in its journey to sustainable transport.

The EV centre, opens every day, is set to become the go-to destination for EV enthusiasts, early adopters, and inquisitive minds in Nigeria, offering test drives to visitors from its fleet of electric cars.

The centre will serve as a platform for Nigerians to discover the advantages of electric mobility, and it will play an essential role in helping the country achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2060.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in electric vehicle adoption globally, and we think the time is right for Nigeria,” said Mosope Olaosebikan, founder of the Discovery Museum and Possible EVS.

“With adequate support from the government and stakeholders, we expect Nigeria’s electric vehicle numbers to rise to one million by 2028.

“The introduction of electric vehicles will surely raise numerous questions in the minds of Nigerians.

“EVEC is dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap and providing comprehensive education.

“The EVEC team will be available to answer questions, guide visitors through the intricacies of electric vehicle ownership, and demonstrate how the technology works.

“Whether it’s showing visitors how EVs are charged, debunking common misconceptions and anxiety about range, or discussing the economic and environmental benefits, EVEC will be the ultimate site for Nigerians seeking clarity and reliable information,” the CEO remarked.

“We hope to make EVEC an answer to everyone who has doubts as to whether electric cars are possible in an energy-poor country like Nigeria,” he concluded….CONTINUE READING