We Went To Bed And I Moved Closed To Him, But He Killed My Mood With Excuses

My twin sister and I were our daddy’s little treasures. He went everywhere he could with us. Everyone who knew him knew that we were his pride and joy.

He often carried us and showed us to everyone; “Look at my princesses, aren’t they beautiful?” We enjoyed the attention and we worshipped him. As much as we wanted to follow him everywhere he went we couldn’t. Daddy was a busy man and so was our mother….CONTINUE READING

We had three older siblings who took care of us in our parents’ absence. We lived in a flat in a very beautiful residential area. The apartment next to ours belonged to a retired doctor and his wife. My dad was friends with the doctor so sometimes he babysits us when everyone in our household was not home.

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When we were around six years old, my siblings started spending more time in school than we did. My dad arranged with the doctor to look after his little treasures every time we closed from school. So, when we closed from school our driver would take us to the doctor’s apartment and we’d stay there until my parents returned from work.

My sister and I liked it there. We were allowed to watch programs on TV that my parents wouldn’t allow us to watch. At home, we could only watch wildlife documentaries and one hour of cartoons. At the doctor’s place, we could watch anything . Things became interesting when the….Read Full Story Here….