Man Shocks His Mother-in-Law, Gets DNA Test to Prove Her Daughter Cheated on Him and Bore Children Outside

The video shared by @sikaofficial1 showed that the incident happened on the premises of Kumasi-based Nhyira FM.

After the DNA test result was announced, the man took the lead while his wife and mother-in-law followed out of the radio station.

However, the two women did not follow the man silently but rather insulted him in loud voices as he walked out of the building….CONTINUE READING

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It even got worse when they got to the radio station’s compound. The man’s mother-in-law tried to physically assault her son-in-law, but the people present separated the fight before it could degenerate.

When the wife saw what was going on, she joined her mum to fight her husband. But others pulled her away and prevented them from fighting.

According to @sikaofficia1 on X (Twitter), the fight was due to the revelation made by the DNA test result.

There were bystanders who could be heard screaming and calling for calm.

Watch the video below: collated some reactions on the video. Read some of them below:


Eiii if every family decides to take DNA tests , there will be wahala everywhere


This pain hein, i don’t even wish for my enemy


Asem kese. The fear women is this part?


Is it that the woman and her mother don’t understand the results


Never marry a shameless woman


So the woman cheated and yet the she and her mother are fighting the man??


These tins ankasa edo aa more of the nurses dey change the babies o.


So they are like the man is at fault or? This doesn’t make any sense

Lady collapses after DNA result is made public

In a related story, reported that a woman collapsed after it was discovered that her husband was not the father of their child.

In a video that trended on social media, the woman cried in deep pain after the DNA result showed she cheated on her husband.

The man took the whole thing calmly and walked away from the scene without saying a word….CONTINUE READING