JUST IN: This Is the Result of Choked Democracy – Shehu Sani Reacts To Gabon Coup

Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker from Kaduna Central, has provided his opinions on the coup in Gabon

According to Gistlover, the military chiefs of Gabon had made the announcement of the coup….CONTINUE READING

The officers asserted their control over the country by claiming to speak for all of Gabon’s security and defense forces.

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They announced the annulment of the election results, the closing of all borders until further notice, and the dissolution of state institutions during their televised speech.

As tensions rose as a result of the officers’ announcement, a Reuters reporter reported hearing gunfire in Libreville, the country’s capital.

The officers expressed their resolve to keep the peace by toppling the current regime on behalf of the Gabonese people.

Shehu Sani responded to the development by pointing out that Gabon has long had a dictatorial form of government.

He argued that having a single family rule a nation for fifty years is not a democracy.

The former lawmaker stated that the suppression of democracy was a contributing factor in the coup.

Speaking via Twitter, he wrote, “Gabon’s father to Son Dictatorship has been overthrown by military coupists. Five decades of one family rule is not a democracy. This is what happens when democracy is suffocated. It’s sad….CONTINUE READING