First Bank Confirms Illegal Disappearance of N68 Million from Lady’s Account – Read Full Details

First Bank Confirms Illegal Disappearance of N68 Million from Lady’s Account – Read Full Details below.

First Bank of Nigeria has officially acknowledged the illicit disappearance of N68 million from the bank account of a customer based in Italy….CONTINUE READING

In an official statement released through their verified Instagram account, First Bank acknowledged the unfortunate situation wherein N68 million belonging to the customer, Glory Omokaro, mysteriously vanished from her account. This heart-wrenching incident was reported by the distraught victim, Glory Omokaro, on the widely-followed radio program known as “Brekete Family.”

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Glory had diligently accumulated funds in her First Bank account, reaching an impressive sum of N68 million, with the intention of utilizing it upon her eventual return to Nigeria. Tragically, when she arrived back in Nigeria in May 2023, she discovered that her account balance was a mere N3000.

In response to this distressing occurrence, First Bank declared that they are taking immediate action by initiating a comprehensive investigation into the matter. The bank’s official statement reads as follows:

“We hereby confirm the occurrence of fraudulent activity on the account of one of our valued customers. Our relentless efforts to delve deeply into the circumstances surrounding this incident have been ongoing since the moment we received the customer’s formal complaint. Our primary objective is to thoroughly unravel the series of events and challenges that transpired, all while ensuring the satisfaction of the customer. Regrettably, the resolution process has extended beyond our initial estimations.

Despite the ongoing investigation, we have taken the initiative to rectify the customer’s account based on the preliminary findings and our belief that this course of action is most suitable for the customer’s benefit.

We deeply regret any inconvenience that this situation has caused our customer. It is vital to emphasize that this occurrence does not align with the longstanding principles and ethical standards that define our operational integrity.”
“Italian-based Woman’s Cry as N68 Million Disappears from Bank Account”

In other news, the report has it that an individual who resided in Italy for an extended period allegedly lost a substantial N68 million sum that had been diligently saved in a Nigerian bank account.

In a TikTok video, the lady identified as Glory Omokaro reportedly migrated to Italy in 2005. Over time, she worked tirelessly to accumulate and save funds in Nigeria.

Glory inaugurated her bank account during her initial visit to Nigeria from Italy in 2013 and began depositing funds thereafter. The account was established in Benin, Edo State, during her familial visit.

With determination, Glory continued saving until the account balance reached an impressive N68 million, envisioning its utilization upon her eventual repatriation to Nigeria.

However, upon her return in May 2023, her hopes were shattered as she uncovered a mere N3000 remaining in her bank account….CONTINUE READING