Kudus To West Ham: Ghanaians And Nigerians Clash As Football Club Uses Burna Boy’s Song In Promotion Video

English Premier League football club, West Ham United released a promotional video introducing their new Ghanaian player, Mohammed Kudus.

The video featured the popular song City Boy by Burna Boy playing in the background. However, this choice of music has stirred up a bit of controversy among Ghanaians….CONTINUE READING

The promotional video was intended to build excitement around Kudus’ arrival at West Ham and showcase his skills on the field. The video was well-received for its editing and captivating visuals, highlighting Kudus’ journey to the club and his abilities as a player. However, the use of Burna Boy’s song surprised and disappointed some fans.

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Many Ghanaians took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the choice of music. They felt that using a Nigerian song instead of a Ghanaian one was not representative of Kudus’ heritage and did not showcase Ghanaian culture. Some fans even suggested that

West Ham should have chosen a Ghanaian artiste’s song to make the video more relevant to Kudus’ background.

The song choice caught the attention of some Nigerian fans, who used the opportunity to engage in playful banter. In the video’s comment section, some Nigerians teased Ghanaians, implying that Nigerian music was more popular and influential on the global stage. They argued that since Nigerian music had a broader international reach, it made sense for West Ham to use a Nigerian song.

Ghanaians and Nigerians quarrel in the comment section

Legit.ng gathered some reactions from social media users.

Real Paddy✝ said:

West Ham use a Ghanaian song instead

EZEIGBO1 a Nigerian wrote:

if you are not happy with the music go to court Oluwa Burna

Sïr_ÕG commented:

odogwu was here burna boy to the world
American rapper Joe Budden names Burna Boy world’s best singer

Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy was recently highly praised on an episode of the Joe Budden Network podcast.

However, Budden did not hold back in expressing his displeasure with Burna’s decision to secure the rights to the well-known classic “Talibans” by Jamaican vocalist Byron Messia after he was featured in the remix.

Budden claimed he vehemently opposed similar behaviour when American hip-hop icon Kanye West did it a few years ago.

“I never remember that going right for somebody. Designer and Kanye [West], I was vehemently against it,” he said….CONTINUE READING