FG Set to Punish Owner of Billboard that Says ‘All Eyes On The Election Tribunal Judges’

The Federal Government of Nigeria has brought down a poster mounted on a Billboard in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for denigrating the institution of Judiciary in the country.

The action was triggered by an online trending picture of the said Billboard which carried a poster with the inscription “All Eyes On The Election Tribunal Judges”. This is considered derogatory to the judiciary arm of government….CONTINUE READING

Not feeling satisfied with the billboard might have brought on the Nigerian judiciary sector, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCTA) have both sanctioned the Billboard owner, while the poster has been brought down by the Signage and Advertising Agency.

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Besides, the Billboard owner may lose his license or get suspended for some time for having allowed such a poster posted on its sign board.

“There is speculation on whether he secured clearance for the signage, but if it is established that he was cleared, the government official who approved the signage may be prosecuted,” a source revealed to the Round Table.

Before the Billboard was brought down, it generated mixed reactions from Nigerians with diversity along political parties…CONTINUE READING