“Dirty wey dey here choke” – Whitemoney shocked by rich Housemates’ poor hygiene (Video)

In a recently surfaced online video, Whitemoney can be seen engaged in conversation with fellow housemate Frodd. The duo discusses the alarming state of cleanliness (or lack thereof) within the premises.

Whitemoney, visibly astonished, expresses his shock at the considerable amount of mess that has accumulated in the house, and what makes it all the more baffling for him is that this mess is primarily the handiwork of his fellow housemates….CONTINUE READING

Despite the claims of some contestants to be paragons of cleanliness, Whitemoney laments that the reality is far from their assertions.

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The unclean conditions within the Big Brother house have prompted him to question the authenticity of his co-housemates’ hygiene standards.

The video has since gone viral on various social media platforms, with fans and followers of the reality show sharing their opinions and reactions.

Frodd, responding to Whitemoney’s astonishment, offers his perspective on the matter. He shares an insight that might shed light on the situation – according to Frodd, people of affluence are not always synonymous with impeccable cleanliness.

He suggests that those who proclaim their hygiene habits most fervently might not necessarily live up to those claims, citing the stereotype that individuals who are well-off might overlook certain cleanliness aspects.

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In other news,Popular Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) contestant Whitemoney took center stage as he addressed his fellow housemates, imploring them to uphold respect and perspective within the confines of the competition.

The reality star, whose real name is Hazel Oyeze Onou, cautioned his fellow contestants about the potential repercussions of their actions and words, reminding them that their behavior in the house could have lasting consequences even after the show concludes….CONTINUE READING