Did Biden Confirm That Nigeria Was Ruled By A Dead Man?

A forty-seven second video has been shared on social media especially WhatsApp, suggesting that the U.S President, Joe Biden, confirmed that former President Muhammadu Buhari Buhari died 6 years ago.

The video purportedly showed Sophie Raworth broadcasting on BBC at six reporting on a UK migrant scheme in Rwanda, after which she switched to Biden allegedly saying that Nigeria was ruled by a dead man for six years….CONTINUE READING

This claim is not the first to surface about the former president of Nigeria.

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According to the video, Biden said, “Nigeria is the only country where a dead man has been ruling the country for six years without them knowing.”

In a bid to verify the video, fact checkers at Daily Trust analysed it, using the Google Reverse Image search. The outcome showed that video of Biden is deepfake.

Further checks revealed the change in the contrast and a jump cut in the video. In an extended version of the same news report, Raworth was seen reporting around other issues but nothing came up about Nigeria or the former president.


Based on available information, we can say Biden did not confirm that Nigeria has been ruled by a dead man in six years and the BBC did not carry such report. Hence, the claim is false….CONTINUE READING

This Fact Check is produced in partnership with the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)