45-Year-old man commits suicide after allegedly butchering his girlfriend in Aburi Kitase

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 45-year-old man named Bernard Essel has tragically ended his own life following an alleged violent encounter with his girlfriend in Aburi Kitase.

UTV’s report details the story of Bernard Essel, a bread seller, who was involved in a romantic relationship with Patricia Ahmed, a 24-year-old fruit seller….CONTINUE READING

Recent events saw Patricia Ahmed seeking an end to their relationship, accusing Bernard Essel of infidelity with multiple women. She expressed her decision to terminate the relationship, citing his unfaithfulness.

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The report further recounts that Bernard Essel attempted to convince Patricia otherwise, placing some blame on her occupation as a fruit vendor, which exposed her to frequent interactions with men and thereby influenced her desire to break ties.

Deeply affected and abandoned by his girlfriend, Bernard Essel hatched a distressing plan. Under the cover of dawn, he confronted Patricia at her doorstep, subjecting her to a gruesome attack by butchering her.

Following the assault, Patricia was admitted to a medical facility and currently remains in stable condition.

In a subsequent development, authorities declared Bernard Essel a wanted man. Yet, he remained elusive. Tragically, it was later discovered that he had taken his own life by consuming a poisonous substance within his own residence….CONTINUE READING

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