BREAKING: Forum predicts Atiku will defeat Tinubu at presidential election tribunal

A consortium of House of Representatives candidates from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who participated in the recent general elections, have conveyed their unwavering conviction that Atiku Abubakar is poised to secure triumph in the ongoing presidential election tribunal….CONTINUE READING

The forum, comprising these candidates, has ardently implored PDP members across the nation to maintain a poised composure in anticipation of the forthcoming judgment to be rendered by the distinguished Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC).

The chairman of this collective, Engineer Ahmed Rufa’i Dagumawa, eloquently conveyed this proclamation during a press conference held at the distinguished NUJ press centre in the province of Kano on Tuesday. He articulated, “We anticipate a verdict of the utmost affirmation and merit, one that will unequivocally elevate the prestige of our nation’s judicial system.”

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The forum underscored their sanguine anticipation that the court, being the ultimate bastion of justice for the common citizen, would uphold the principles of equity and rectitude in its imminent pronouncement. Their fervent belief resides in the court’s commitment to ensuring justice is meted out without prejudice.

In response to reports of internal schism within the ranks of the PDP in the region, the consortium astutely affirmed their unfamiliarity with any factional discord within the party’s hierarchy. This assertion effectively disavowed any purported division among the party’s members in the state, firmly reinforcing the idea of unity within their collective ranks.

To conclude, the consortium’s solemn declaration resonates as a manifestation of their deep-rooted faith in the judiciary’s integrity, while simultaneously encapsulating their trust in Atiku Abubakar’s potential triumph. The measured tenor of their statement elucidates the gravity of the situation at hand and the significance they place on the forthcoming judicial verdict…CONTINUE READING