“My First Salary in Canada”: Nigerian Man Who Relocated to Canada Spends First Salary Buying a Honda Civic, Shows Video

A Nigerian man who recently moved to Canada has shown off what he used his first salary in the country for. In a video the young man posted online, he admitted using his first salary to purchase a Honda Civic.

The young man @Abwire, who posted the video of his Honda Civic on TikTok, showed off his Honda Civic as friends and followers joined in the celebration with him….CONTINUE READING

He revealed to his followers that the money he used in buying the white-coloured Honda Civic was his first salary as a Canadian resident. In the video caption, he wrote: “My first one month salary in Canada. I purchased my first car. Congratulations to me.”

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Watch the video here


Here are some of the reactions to the video:

@Lee min Ho commented: “Abeg no vex which work you dey do?”

@TonyAmor commented: “I have been in Canada for almost two weeks now. Seriously looking for any job bro.”

@Loftus777 commented: “This same Canada wey I dey so.”

@johnsonejembi2 commented: “Congratulations. I know of Nigerian we dey there. They trade forex them dey code added to their salary so getting this kind of car no be issues….CONTINUE READING