“I paid insurance & tax”: Man buys cheap Hyundai car for N443k in UK, resells it for N1.8m, pockets profits

A smart businessman made a video to show the Hyuandia 2010 model call he bought saw online and bought for £450 (N443,432.12).

He revealed that his intention for buying was to resell it at a greater value. At purchase, the car had only done 89,000 miles….CONTINUE READING

The man noticed that there are scratches on the car. The car also needed deep cleaning as the interior looked dirty.

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He serviced the car. The man changed the two front tyres for £30. After washing the car, the man polished the headlights himself.

Other expenses were full service: £180 (N177,354.81), Insurance £9 (N8,868.92). Road tax £35 (N34,490.25). He paid his friend £30 (N29,563.07) for helping him. After selling the car for £1850 (N1,822,998.70), he said his profit was £1000 (N985,258.30).

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Christopher Hope asked:

“Couldn’t get the scratch out? Would it have added anything to the value?”

K13ran55 said:

“£1800 for that with 80k miles is crazy.”

Lewis Adamson said:

“2 Tyres for £30 good luck to the new owner when it rains.”

Van.Storek said:

“Sell it in algeria for 100x 5000$ maybe.”

Nidal.bendjem said:

“In my country she worth $5000.”

Bnrguer said:

“It only costs 450£, in my country these small car goes for 4k£ and up.”

pudding and custard said:

“As a tax inspector this is interesting.”

Arap Tanui said:

“In Kenya it would have been 2500 pounds.”

AnnabellA advised:…CONTINUE READING

“Top tip: use polish liquid on the scratch let sit for a minute and then use a dry clean cloth and start rubbing in the same area scratch comes out!”