Panic as aggressive dog attacks and kills its owner’s 4 yrs old son to death…

There is fear and panic in Rivers State after a Rottweiler, dog attacked and killed the 4-year-old son of its owner to death.

The sad incident happened in Igbo-Etche, Port Harcourt Rivers State. According to a report from a source, the owner of the dog, the father of the dead child released the dogs on the compound to protect his children while he went to work….[Continue Reading]

“This happened yesterday in my area. The boy’s father was on his way to work when he received a call that one of his dogs had mauled his son to death.”

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According to the source, all his five dogs were very familiar with his children hence the reason he released only two to guard the compound while the father left to work.

Also, it was reported that the children were so close to the dogs that the deceased was known for usually putting the dogs in their cages.

However after their father returned home, he met his son dead in the pool of his blood. He was told that the dog also injured the boy’s sister if not for the timely intervention of neighbors who killed the pet.

Also, reports said that a veterinary doctor has advised the man to sell off the dogs as many of these breeds develop mental issues after five years. Apparently, the dog had been with the family for seven years….[Continue Reading]