That Donald Trump would lose again to Joe Biden is a foregone conclusion! By Wumi Akintide

Why older but more matured more experienced and more trust-worthy Biden would win again in 2024 is no longer debatable.

My title to this article is a prediction and I want all of you to write it down and to put my name to it….[Continue Reading]

I am not one of those Nigerian fake Pastors who bear false witnesses and frequently lie against God because they fully understand the full import of a Yoruba proverb which says:
“Aki Ije mu Orisa luyi”
You could praise or abuse God from now to Eternity, He never fights back or contradict what you are saying. They all lie against God and get away from it just like litigants all over the world find it convenient to lie against dead people who can never wake up to challenge or confront them.

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I hardly ever remember my dream talk less of speaking in tongues or sharing a direct hot line with God like some of those pastors claim on Social Media

I am predicting with speed and accuracy that Biden would win by a wider margin in 2024 than he had done in 2020 and shameless Trump is going to lie again that he was robbed.

Biden is also going to come off as one of the greatest Presidents of America like Abe Lincoln, FDR, Harry Truman and Lyndon Baines Johnson, JFK, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Why and how I came to that conclusion is what this article is going to be all about if you tarry a little with me.

I first and foremost like to objectively compare and contrast the Trump years and the Biden’s years and their track record in office to reach my conclusions.

I then compare the talkertive and the narcissistic cavalier Mafia Boss at 72 and gentleman Biden at 75 and their Performance in Helsinki Finland,as my most auspicious point of reference in addition to many other points to be fully discussed and distilled in the remaining segments of this article.

Donald Trump had looked to me, 5 years ago in a Press Conference At Helsinki with Vladimir Putin who had shown himself as the strong man of Russia and as a KGB smooth operator.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, had looked to me like a wimp, and a loose cannon of a President who had praised Putin to High Heavens in a Conference watched by millions of people from all over the world.

Donald Trump had looked to me in that Conference like a big fool looking for affirmation from Putin.

He had clearly thought that the best way to curry the favor of Putin was to shower him with effusive praises all the time like he used to do to the Saudis from whom he had hoped to make a ton of money if he is allowed to auction to them some of the Nuclear secrets and classified documents he had stolen from the White House.

I could not help but describe him in that subdued appearance at Helsinki as a 5 year old toddler trapped in a 72 year old body in a debate with a rock-solid Putin who clearly looked like the boss in that Press Conference.

Donald Trump in plain sight had lambasted and discredited American CIA and FBI to continue showering praises on the Russian KGB while at the same time touting the virtues of the moribund Warsaw Pact led by Russia.

He was openly chastising NATO and telling the whole world how he planned to distabilize and weaken NATO to the clear advantage of Russia.

He had made a big fool of himself as a JJC and a novis by comparing himself to KGB Putin who had been President and Prime Minister for years and then back again as President in a totalitarian regime for years.

When I compare his disgraceful and embarrassing performance with Putin with Biden’s performance yesterday while welcoming Finland as the 31st member of a reinvigorated and a far more united NATO, I simply cannot bhelp but notice the difference between a rabble rouser and a stable and an experienced leader.

Biden has become in 3 or more years in the White House a very formidable world leader of substance

One can tell that the unflappable Biden is a true leader.

Biden had quietly but firmly reminded the world that Russia had clearly lost the War to Ukraine and that Putin was only looking for a way out of the Cul de Sac he had found himself.

The difference between Trump and Biden could not be more stark in my opinion.

It was like comparing Light and Darkness with Biden representing Light and Trump representing Darkness if you see what I see.

Donald Trump’s ultimate goal was to distabilize America by sponsoring a failed Coup on January 6, 2021 and by his attempt to turn America from a Democracy to an authoritarian Regime like Russia, China and North Korea with him as the Leader for life.

Trump does not wait for people to acknowledge him.

He thinks he is performing wonders while the rest of the world view him as a total failure….[Continue Reading]

Joseph Biden on the other hand is doing everything in his power to keep and to refurbish the American Constitution and to make the Union more perfect as once observed by Bill Clinton at the peak of his Presidency.
Biden is doing so by matching Reality With Perception.

History is going to be kind to Biden for taking over the mantle of leadership during the Covid Epidemic which Donald Trump had underrated by telling Americans not to worry until Covid had killed close to one million Americans

That the American Economy is back in good shape today and making a soft landing as we speak is not just by accident but because Joe Biden had confronted the problem head on at the nick of time.

Inflation in America is now down to 3 percent and Unemployment cut down to 4 percent or slightly more.

It is the lowest it has ever been in close to hundred years.

It is something worth celebrating and something to write home about and they are all things that the huge majority of American voters would not forget in a hurry when they go to those polling booths to pull the lever for Joe Biden in 2024.

Donald Trump in the meantime has become a criminal defendant in more than 3 or 4 cases pending in Court and which could predictably end up by putting him in jail for the rest of his life unless he quickly pleads for clemency and settles for a conviction and a suspended sentence during which he would finally have to agree to never again participate in Politics or consider himself fit for public office pretty much like Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew at a point in their crime-ridden careers.

Joe Biden has built a decent record to run on and his experience and old age cannot be a disqualifier for the huge majority of American voters for sure.

All of the above arguments are good reasons to expect Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in a landslide in 2024.

Donald Trump’s challengers like Chris Christie of New Jersey who will take him to the cleaners and beat him like a drum is waiting in the Wings to chew him up in the debate and to spit him out in a twinkle of an eye.

Chris Christie, Mr Hutchinson, as far as I am concerned are the only two Republican candidates running for President out of the 13 to 15 Republican s currently running against Trump.

The rest of them are losers and jokers arguably running to be Donald Trump’s VP or Cabinet ministers if he ever wins. I don’t see that happening by any chance.

Those 13 to 15 losers all carry as much baggage as Donald Trump himself who is going to self- destruct in due course

I can assure you that Trump is going nowhere but down in 2024, without any iota of doubt and based on all of the point’s raised in this article.

Please stay tuned for more thought- provoking articles on Trump as we move closer and closer to the Presidential Debates.

I rest my case….[Continue Reading]