‘Majesty is Not Shatta Wale’s Son’ – Bongo Ideas Drops New Secret

A controversial claim by social media critic, Bongo Ideas, has ignited a storm of speculation as he alleges that Majesty, Shatta Wale’s son, is not his biological child.

Bongo Ideas took to Twitter to assert that despite Shatta Wale’s efforts to maintain a fatherly relationship with Majesty, the boy is aware he is not his biological father.

The contentious statement emerged after Shatta Wale shared a photo of himself alongside Majesty and his recently revealed 16-year-old daughter….[Continue Reading]

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The revelation has divided opinions among fans and followers, with many questioning the validity of the claim and demanding evidence to support the allegation.

Shatta is yet to react to the bogus claims.

As the online debate rages on, both Shatta Wale and Bongo Ideas took to comment.

Check out some of the comments below:

‘Yes it’s true but should you say it?’

‘You are saying this like you’ve got irrefutable proof… what is wrong with you ? Those that cheer you on will be the ones to laugh at you when you eventually get what’s coming for you.’

‘Only Shatta Michy knows the real father of Majesty. 🤯’

The rest of us may never know & Shatta himself knows the truth. Only time will tell!

‘But how do you know if a DNA test has not been done. Cool down.’

@Hitta_0:…[Continue Reading]
‘Ara B🤭😂😂😂’

Also, check out the post by Bongo below: