Obama Holds SECRET Meetings- He’s Plotting Against…

The Democrats have the worst possible candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections….Continue Reading>>>

While he seemingly accomplished much of the agendas Obama and the NWO, Obama is looking to replace Biden in fear that he won’t be able to finish the job of ‘fundamentally changing America.’

They need a back-up plan.

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Biden’s dementia is getting worse by the day and many democrats including their leader, Barack Hussein Obama are looking for an alternative.

Even they know that a Biden/Harris ticket in NOT going to cut it.
Joe’s Gotta Go

Joe is actually getting cockier about his chances of winning when he’s jacked up on whatever stimulant they inject into his body.

Not to mention if Obama gives the orders to the DOJ and FBI to stop covering his corrupt ass the Biden Crime Family is in for a world of hurt with extremely incriminating evidence of international corruption and when the truth is finally confirmed Obama and others will be exposed.

Anthony Smith at GOP NewsFeed has more:

Obama has publicly supported Biden’s run, but we all know that means nothing.

Politicians are all two-faced, and you can never trust what they say to your face, even if they are your bracelet buddy.

Reports have surfaced that Obama has been holding meetings with some of the younger members of the Democrat Caucus for the purpose or finding a replacement for Biden atop the Democrat ticket in 2024.

While those who were invited to sit down with the former president have been tight-lipped about the agenda, speculation is now running wild over these meetings.

Officially, the meetings were tagged as Obama offered his wisdom to the next generation of Democrats, but few are buying that narrative.

One source stated, “Obama recognizes the gravity of the situation with Joe’s disappointing poll numbers.”

“He had hoped that the president would have rallied and come into his own at this point, but that clearly hasn’t happened.”

“With 2024 growing closer and closer, he had to act since he apparently fears Joe is getting too old and frail to win.”

Also, according to RadarOnline.com:

Officially, the stated purpose of the closed-door meetings was for Obama to give advice, get to know the younger Democratic lawmakers, and reacquaint himself with what they were hearing in their home districts, a source snitched to GLOBE, which first reported details of the meeting.

All three members of the Democratic House leadership — Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Whip Katherine Clark and Caucus Chairman Pete Aguilar — as well as rising party stars like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Haley Stevens were reportedly at the get-togethers.

Sources said the meets were unprecedented for Obama — who has mostly kept a low profile since leaving the White House.

We have to treat these reports for what they are, gossip, and more and more water cooler stories will hit the media as this election gets closer.

Since the media now loves anonymous sources and they apparently do not vet their information, we cannot take the speculation seriously until someone goes on the record.

Having said that, it would not surprise me at all to see Obama lead the charge to have Joe replaced, as I have never really believed the lovefest that these two put on publicly….Continue Reading>>>