JUST-IN: LP Crisis: Candidates Endorsed By Abure In Kogi, Bayelsa, Imo Null, Void — Apapa

Chief Lamidi Apapa, the Deputy National Chairman of Labour Party (LP), has called on the electorates in the off-sea­son Bayelsa, Imo and Kogi governorship polls to vote for candidates presented by his faction of the party.

Lamidi said that any can­didate presented by or “doc­ument signed by Abure now that he is restrained by a court of competent jurisdiction is null and void”….Continue Reading>>>

Apapa, who spoke to Sun­day Independent at the week­end, in Abuja, said: “I am the legitimate leader of the party by all ramifications. The law and everything is on our side.”

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On the faction controlling state chapters, the Deputy Na­tional Chairman said: “By the time Abure was calling people for meetings, he was in charge of the party’s money. But, as of today, majority of them now understands the truth; that ac­tually, Abure committed fraud.

“And if by tomorrow anoth­er meeting is called, they know where to go because they know that if they go to another place, they’re on their own. They are doing that at their own peril.”

He also explained that the Independent National Elector­al Commission (INEC) would recognise its candidates in the upcoming governorship elections.

He added: “They must be­cause the law is on our side. But, where they fail to, we know what to do.

“I don’t want to pre-empt it. But, since INEC is a creation of the law, they must respect the law.

“Nobody is after Abure. But, we must protect the party. We have candidates that are con­testing the elections. Any doc­ument that is signed by Abure during this period of restrain­ing order is null and void.

“The other opposition par­ties will just stay and watch. As soon as any of them emerges governor, just in one or two sen­tences, that the primary that brought him as a candidate was illegal. And anything you do at that level is null and void.

“We don’t want to allow that to occur. We’re protecting the party, and those that are con­testing under the party.”

Apapa stressed that the outcome of the ongoing court case against the embattled National Chairman would “tell the whole world who is a liar between Abure and me,” even as he insisted that he was formally asked to deputise for Abure by the National Work­ing Committee (NWC) of LP.

He further dismissed claims of rejecting an offer for truce by the other faction, as he frowned at the refusal of the presidential candidate to apologise for the ill treatment meted to him.

“Those who came, I told them that once we’re called to a meeting, I’m prepared to at­tend. But, he has not done that.

“He has never called me for one day. Instead, he went on air and told the whole world that he has never seen me.

“Then, I told the whole world that if he says that he has never seen me, then he must be a liar.

“Because the sitting ar­rangement at our National Working Committee meetings has the Chairman, himself and myself. How will that per­son say that he has never seen me in life?”

When contacted, Obiora Ifoh, Acting National Public­ity Secretary of the Labour Party, said: “We are no longer engaging the Apapa group on any matter….Continue Reading>>>

“They are feeding on our feedback to get cheap popu­larity. So, write your story on the strength of what they said. We’re done with them.”