“I’m Sorry I Dressed Half Nakēd, The Entire Muslims Should Please Forgive Me” – Viral Muslim Lady

Some moments ago, a video showing the moment a viral Muslim lady, who trended few days ago due to the way she dressed and recited Qur’an in a brief street interview, apologizing surfaced on social media platforms…Continue Reading>>>

The viral Muslim lady, whose name is Sofiat Olamide from Ilorin (kwara state) said, “I am using this moment to sincerely say I am sorry for how I dressed half naked in that viral video. I want the entire Muslims to please forgive me because I am still a very young girl.”N/B:

Watch.Video.Here N/B: Watch.Video.Here

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Sofiat Olamide again said, “on the day I was interviewed, I was sitting right in the front of my house when the content creator called me. I least expected the video to go viral as it did. He told me we should make the video for the sake of fun.”

Lastly, Sofiat Olamide said, “I want the public to help me thank Baba Kajue who ensured I did not fall to shame. May almighty God bless him and everyone of us.”…Continue Reading>>>