‘Too fine to be security guard’: Nigerian man gets promoted first day at work [Update]

A viral Update captures the moment a Nigerian man was promoted from security guard to supervisor on his first day of work due to his good looks.

In the Update, his employer inquired about his previous jobs….Continue Reading>>>

He then emphasized how he was too good-looking to be a security officer and promoted him to supervisor, promising to pay him better than others.

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Netizens react:

@roylayo: “Ori irin Loore wa. If he sat at home saying he can’t be a security officer, this luck wouldn’t have found him, even if he’s finer… Get up, do something. Congratulations to him.”

@mercyokoro791: “😍😍😍😍”

@iamowenlyon: “Red flag 🚩 abeg that boss nah gay….Continue Reading>>>