Pastor Lazarus Mouka’s Wife is Still Alive – She was Raised Back to Life by Our Papa: Lord’s Chosen Ministries Member Reveals

Pastor Lazarus Mouka’s Wife is Still Alive – She was Raised Back to Life by Our Papa: Lord’s Chosen Ministries Member Reveals.

Some members of The Lord’s Chosen Ministries has come forward to reveal that Pastor Lazarus Mouka’s wife, Pst. Mrs. Joy Mouka, is still alive. This revelation contradicts the previous reports of her untimely death….Continue Reading>>>

The news of Mrs. Joy Mouka’s supposed death spread like wildfire after it was reported that she had passed away following an evangelistic outreach in Ebonyi State. According to eyewitnesses, she had attended a vigil of the church after the successful crusade before returning to Lagos. Sadly, she allegedly passed away the following day.

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However, the church has not released an official statement regarding the incident, which has left many of its members skeptical about the authenticity of the news. Some believers within the congregation firmly assert that Pastor Mouka’s wife is alive and safe, thanks to a miraculous intervention by their revered leader.

While there is some division among the church members regarding the exact details of the incident, some members said on social media that Mrs. Joy Mouka was raised back to life by their spiritual leader. Some even claim that the resurrection occurred several days after her passing.

The conflicting reports have left many people perplexed and unsure of what to believe. Skepticism and doubt have naturally arisen, with some dismissing the news as nothing more than fake news.

Until the church issues an official statement to clarify the situation, speculation and uncertainty will persist. The faithful followers of The Lord’s Chosen Ministries eagerly await further updates, hoping to receive confirmation of the miraculous resurrection that has brought new hope to the Church.

Here are some reactions on social media:

@Eze, ” Because he’ s a pastor that’ s why you called him good people abi? ur holy than most of the pastors, May the departed soul rest in peace . She was promoted to high glory, Nothing to worry about her death. May the lord Almighty comfort those she left behind. Both Good and bad happens to the godly and the ungodly. God gives light and rain for the good of both a just and unjust man alike. In all these, let us learn to glorify God always. “

@Ewuzie Ben, ” The news is in social media but believe me is fake but I pity the person that went and brocast this type of news and those that are spreading it. But the news of her death is everywhere in social media why d doubt? I pity you so much, let it not be you will rest in peace very soon. Always carrying fake news. Sorry pastor may her soul rest in perfect peace we will meet at the feet of Jesus Christ and God will uphold you and the church till the end. “

@livingspeed, “Please Delete this now oooo. Because Pastor Lazarus Mouka Wife is Still Alive Ooooooo. Our Mumy GO is Not Dead, She was Raised Back to Life by Our Papa….Continue Reading>>>