BREAKING: Why I didn’t work with Michael Jackson, Prince — Dr Dre

American hip-hop music mogul has revealed that he had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest singers but he turned them down. According to the world-renowned hip-hop artiste, he stated that he has to stick with his principles while working in the studio.

The legendary rapper and beatmaker, who helped shape the careers of artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube, revealed that he rejected working with Prince, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder because of their status established and popular artistes….Continue Reading>>>

While speaking with iconic American funny man, Kevin Hart on his podcast, Hart To Heart, the 58-year-old rap legend stated that he preferred working with new artists.

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The Compton rapper told Hart, “They just asked me to work with them and I was just like, “What am I going to do with them?”

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Dr Dre went on to explain that with new artists there is room to mould that artistes into something that can be unexpected and exciting. But that is not the case with superstar artistes who are already famous.

He said, “’What am I going to do with them? Those are my heroes.”

“But you are Dr Dre,” Hart said, in bode of confidence for the legendary producer and song crafter.

Dr Dre replied, “Stop, stop,” before adding another A-list name to the artistes he had turned down.

“Most recently, Stevie Wonder,” Dre said, which again left Hart, his interviewer in a state of shock….Continue Reading>>>

“My entire life and career has been dealing with and working with new artistes. That is what I like. Nobody comes in with an agenda. They show up on time.”