BREAKING: Taraba Governor Engages Banks To Secure Over N100 Billion Loan For State Projects

The Governor of Taraba State, Agbu Kefas, has engaged in negotiations with six Nigerian banks to secure a loan of N150 billion for various projects across sectors in the state.

The negotiation process took place in Abuja and involved representatives from the consortium of banks….Continue Reading>>>

Governor Kefas emphasized the important roles the financial institutions would play in supporting the government’s initiatives through loans and bonds.

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As part of the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability, the Governor assured the banks of the state’s dedication to fulfilling its obligations.

He encouraged the bank representatives to exhibit flexibility by providing favourable lending terms and repayment schedules, acknowledging the collaborative effort required to ensure the successful implementation of the projects.

“The government is committed to, transparency, and accountability throughout the entire process of the negotiation and transaction.

“We are proud to assure you of our stable political environment under the umbrella of the Peoples Democracy Party.

“By supporting the Taraba state government, the banking institutions are contributing to the social and economic development of the state.

”And the initiative will create opportunities for our youth, stimulate business growth and improve the overall quality of life of our people,” the governor said.

He also confirmed that the loan would be included in the supplementary budget, which is slated for submission to the Taraba State House of Assembly for approval.

He further emphasized that all the proposed projects had been thoroughly outlined in the 2023 budget, ensuring a clear direction for the utilization of the loan facility.

He explained that the sectors to benefit from the funding included education, agriculture, health, energy, transportation and other critical infrastructure….Continue Reading>>>