BREAKING: Imo State Is Not Your Father’s Estate You Can Use to Please Your Fulani Friends–IPOB Tells Hope Uzodinma

Imo State Is Not Your Father’s Property You Can Use to Please Your Fulani Pals–IPOB Tells Hope Uzodinma



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In a determined effort by Imo State imposed Supreme Courtroom Governor to please his imposers, Hope Uzodinma administration has taken over some parts of Orji Group and Amata group waterside in Owerri Imo State ancestorial lands for creation of Fulani settlement aka RUGA. It is essential that Ndigbo ought to by no means permit Hope Uzodinma’s egocentric political curiosity and determined second time period ambition to mortgage the safety and security of all the Igbo Land….Continue Reading>>>

To that impact the worldwide world household and motion of the Indigenous Folks of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our prophet and indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU condemn the harassment and intimidation of Orji Group and Amata group waterside the murderous Hope Uzodinma and his stooge Commissioner of Lands survey and Bodily planning in Imo State, Mr. Nobel Abiaso Atulegwu within the bid to forcefully take their ancestorial lands.

The data at our disposal exhibits that this murderous and Fulani stooge authorities in Imo State took over some parts of *Orji Group and Amata group waterside lands within the guise of Industrial Property however in actuality it’s for Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen.

Hope Uzodinma and his felony Commissioner for Lands survey and bodily planning are doing the bidding of those that imposed them on Imo State to create insecurity in order that the terrorist may have a settlement in Imo State.

Keep in mind, terrorists do not thrive in a peaceable and arranged society. The Imo authorities is a stooge for the fulanization agenda within the Jap Area. Keep in mind that the Imo vampire sponsored some misguided Imo residents to Hajj in Mecca this yr, which they revealed on social media. As a way to show his success with the fulanization agenda, these misguided and reprobates revealed viral movies of their Hajj attires thanking Hope Uzodinma for sponsoring them. However Chukwu Okike disgraced them by one in all them being ejected and arrested from the identical venue. That’s what occurs to individuals who sabotage their very own folks.

IPOB shouldn’t be in opposition to any faith, however we’ll resist any type of political, non secular, and ethnic conquest in no matter disguise our enemies current it. Imo State administrator and his embecillic authorities cannot take over any group land and hand it over to international invaders. It’s not solely silly however damnable to the longer term generations of Ndigbo, subsequently is not going to be tolerated.

Hopeless Uzodinjo and his gang of presidency tugs ought to know that Imo State shouldn’t be his father’s property, so he can’t resolve to make use of any a part of Imo land to foyer for his egocentric political ambition.

No inch of Alaigbo shall be taken over by anyone and hand over to Fulani invaders who’ve taken over Hausa Lands and desperately killed them and displaced the Center Belt folks of Nigeria. IPOB won’t ever permit any of such pretentious land grabbing and conquest to face in Biafra Land.

We name on folks of Orji and Amata, Owerri communities each residence and overseas to face up and resist Hope Uzodinma and his Commissioner who’re beneath strain to relinquish their group land for any faux Industrial Property or put together to struggle future wars with the terrorists. Hope Uzodinma authorities’s use of the instrumentality of power to seize group lands for his Fulani political masters has met a brick wall.

Subsequently, we inform Fulani teams hiding behind the Hope’s authorities to take over Orji Group land that they’ve failed. If they’ve made any monetary engagements with Hope Uzodinma’s authorities, they need to return and ask for his or her cash. A leopard by no means adjustments its spot. He’s an expert scammer and can proceed to be that each one his life. In the event that they go forward to occupy Orji Group ancestorial land, ESN will displace them.

Hope Uzodinma and his Commissioner for Lands sport to mortgage Imo State for his or her egocentric political curiosity to fulani within the Jap area is lifeless on arrival. IPOB won’t ever permit any RUGA settlement anyplace within the Jap Area….Continue Reading>>>