Drama as bride’s lover sabotages wedding on her way to church with groom (Video)

A concerned Nigerian named Timothy shared a video capturing an event unfolding on a street in Ibadan, Oyo state.

In the footage, a young man explains that a bride, scheduled to be married on that particular day, was exposed by her second lover who discovered her intention to marry another man.>>>Continue Reading

The video, uploaded on Timothy’s Twitter page, shows wedding guests and individuals dressed in corporate attire attempting to mediate a conflict involving the bride in the middle of the road.

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Nigerians took to social media to express their thoughts on the incident, and here are some of their reactions:

See some reactions below:

Taiwo: “This happened today around Apete area of Ibadan: The Bride promised two men marriage and today was supposed to be her wedding with one of the men. The other man heard about it came and double cross her on her way to church.”

Oiza: “They should follow Agba and stop disgracing men abeg. If you discover funny games from your partner, don’t stress it, you move and block her heartlessly.”

Amala: “Advising him to go and marry another one after seeing this her big offshore is quite absurd.”

Afolabi: “SMH Na those Poly girls for Apete go get mind do this kind thing.”

Mindofbillions: “Shebi women don finish for Nigeria, mtchew” >>>Continue Reading