Actor Adewala Alebiosu blasts colleagues criticizing movie veterans for seeking financial help online- VIDEO

Adewala Alebiosu recently highlighted the criticism faced by some Veteran actors who reached out to the public for help, emphasizing that such criticism should cease.

A few weeks after, veteran actress, Iya Gbonkan, solicited help, and many Nigerians came through for her with money, car and house gifts, and other actors like Pariolodo, Lalude, Baba Alapini, and many others acted likewise.>>>Continue Reading

However, Actress Jaiye Kuti, who seemed displeased with the recent trend, in a recent video that made the rounds, lambasted her senior colleagues for resorting to begging fans on social media.

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In response, Adewala Alebiosu, in new clip, expressed the view that his colleagues ought to refrain from blaming actors for seeking help, considering the lack of support they receive from their colleagues in times of trouble.

The actor shared the difficulties he encountered recently, expressing disappointment over the lack of support from his fellow colleagues.

In the clip, Adewala revealed that during a time when he was shot and his house was burned, most of his colleagues didn’t come forward to offer assistance.

He mentioned that it was only actor Segun Ogungbe who generously provided him with 40,000 naira to purchase new clothes.

Alebiosu revealed that despite the financial capability of some of their colleagues to provide assistance in times of need, they often choose not to take any action.

His words;

“I was shot and my house got burnt; none of my colleagues helped me; only Segun Ogungbe gave me 40k.

Some people have been criticizing actors for seeking help from the public, but you can’t blame us because our colleagues don’t help us when we are in need; even the ones that are rich enough to assist us don’t do it, which is not good at all.”>>>Continue Reading